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Authorial Babblings

"Were I not of my write mind..."

Miss Ang
18 September 1982
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Former writing journal of ciliandis... current writing journal is located at shadowsandtea.


80s music, agent smith, alan rickman, alice, anne rice, aviario, batman, beauty and the beast, belle, blue man group, boondock saints, catwoman, celtic lore, charles fleischer, chris bachalo, chris sanders, college, compasses, crepe paper, danny elfman, darkwing duck, dave matthews, death, disney, divination, druids, ducks, effenants, elrond, evanescence, ferris bueller, fiona apple, gandalf, garbage, geoffrey rush, ghostbusters, green goblin, hades, hannibal, harley quinn, harold mcneill, harry potter, hating corn, hercules, hugo weaving, i feel sick, invader zim, ishida akira, j.k. rowling, jack sparrow, jessica rabbit, jhonen vasquez, jim cummings, johnny the homicidal maniac, keanu reeves, lea, lilo, lina inverse, lotr, madonna, marilyn manson, meditation, megara, megumi hayashibara, men in black, merry, moulin rouge, moxy fruvous, muses, neil gaiman, neo, norman osborn, ogham, oingo boingo, oracle, pippi longstocking, pippin, pirates of the caribbean, pumbaa, rafiki, rasputina, ravens, remus lupin, rest, rezo, riddler, rob paulsen, roger rabbit, roleplaying journals, satine, severus snape, silver ravenwolf, sirius black, slainte mhaith, slayers, smecker, spiderman, squee, sting, stitch, strong bad, switchblade symphony, tarot, tasty wheat, the cheat, the eleventh hour, the lion king, the matrix, the retrospectrum, the seventh guest, the witching hour, the yellow wallpaper, thomas harris, timon, tommy lee jones, toulouse, trans-siberian orchestra, trinity, ts eliot, twisted tea, two-face, vampires, white rabbit, white sands, who framed roger rabbit, widdershins, willem dafoe, writing, xelloss, zidler