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Been a while, I know. I cleaned this out, since I might end up using it for some sort of writing purpose later. No more old drama or cobwebs.

For now, until I do something else with this, you can find me at ciliandis and my writing at shadowsandtea.
"Working on that..." (Me)

This Is A Blatant Cry For HELLLP.

I haven't written on Considerable Influence for MONTHS.

Here, in a very long LJ-cut, are the first three chapters (all I have so far).

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, O Friends Of Ang, is to tell me who you'd like to see me handle in the next chapter. Nat? Ral? Paul? Pen? Maybe even Janus? I know my plot. I just don't know how to make it start moving. :P Maybe a nice cattle prod.

Anyway, here ya go. And DO enjoy what I think is the best closing chapter line I've ever written. ^_^

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"Working on that..." (Me)


Pretty now.

Now to put some random fiction in this sucker and make it official!

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Thanks to Al for the prompt of "Hey. Write about Sam", and her assumed permission to use Sarah for all of six lines. :D
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